Food Goddess ended on a high last year, we gained valuable new clients, who love what we do, and kept our good, old, faithfuls, thank you for your support! We delivered festive cup cakes (recipe and picture to follow) up until our last day, before setting off with boot loads of groceries, kittens, dogs, friends, family and lots of sun block for a well deserved holiday. My two favourite destinations, Highlands Farm, in Magoebaskloof (, with my Joburg family, and then Cape Vidal, on the Natal North Coast, with my other family. It was blissful. We ate like kings, laughed till our tummy’s ached, walked, swam, ran, read, drank, caught fish, collected muscles, canoed deep sea and behaved like children. We shared camp sites with monkeys, bush buck, red duiker and groups of striped mongoose. Nothing quite like a South African holiday!
For everyone who shared food with me and requested recipes of our culinary delights, enjoy… If there are any I’ve left out, let me know, I will be happy to share.

Cup cakes:
Set oven at 190.
Sift 2 cups flour, 20 ml baking powder, pinch salt.
Beat 4 eggs with 1 cup castor sugar till fluffy.
Melt 125g butter with 1 cup milk.
Mix the flour and egg mixture and then slowly add the milk mixture.
Place into muffin sized paper cups in muffin tins and bake for 10 minutes.
I used butter icing with these and added red colour.
cup cake

Most of my holiday recipes are off the top of my head so measurements are done by tasting …
At “The Farm” we have limited electricity and cook all our dinners on a huge fire, an event we can not do without daily!
Braai paella: I used a large flat grid over the a drum braai.
Sautee about 3 chopped onions and 6 cloves of garlic in olive oil, add rice (I use arborio) and stir fry till the rice start to pop on the griddle, add about half a bottle of white wine, when absorbed you need to slowly add stock (I made a stock from the heads and shells of the prawns, if you have saffron you can add some to the stock), because it’s on a braai you need to stir it around, continue adding stock until the rice is al dente. I cooked tomatoes, prawns and calamari tubes on another section of the grilled and then added them to the rice. We also had a wedge of pancetta which I chopped and fried till crisp to add. (You can add anything you have available: muscles, chicken…) When it’s all cooked add some chopped fresh leaf parsely and paprika. Dish delish!!

highlands farm

A really good salad, that everyone loves, Thai roast butternut and sweet potato with crushed peanut brittle:


Sweet chilli sauce, lime juice and zest, grated palm sugar, finely choped lemon grass and finely grated fresh ginger.

Peel butternut and cut into thin wedges, do the same with sweet potato. Mix sweet chilli sauce with grated ginger, canola oil and a bit of five spice, we pan roasted them on a skottle braai, when at home I roast them in the oven till cooked. Let the sweet potato and butternut cool and add to salad ingredients, I usually use crispy leaves, coriander, spring onion, cucumber and if you have any Asian herbs like Vietnamese mint or basil. Splash with salad dressing, top with butternut and sweet potato and crushed peanut brittle.


My brothers all deep sea fish on fishing canoes, I think this is great for the environment, good exercise and a thrilling way of going deep sea! We were lucky enough to have a variety of fish, Prodigal son, Couta, Skipjack tuna, Durado…
The prodigal son is my favourite, a dense fish that lives on crabs that swim on the surface of the sea. Because of it’s texture it’s great for kebabs on the fire.
I marinated the cubed fish in lemon zest, olive oil, salt and pepper, skewered it and cooked it on a hot fire, really good with lemon wedges.
The Skip Jack tuna has a deep red flesh, most of the fishermen scorned me for eating it, saying it’s no good for human consumption, how wrong they are, it’s a Japanese delicacy, we had sashimi with soy, ginger and wasabi and then I marinated whole fillets in olive oil, pepper and soy and seared them on a hot fire, still rare in the middle and served with soy, beautiful!

cape vidalBecause vehicles are no longer allowed on the beaches at Cape Vidal most of the visitors are too lazy to walk the lovely 2km beach walk to the muscle rocks, the muscles are now prolific, if you can get there when the tide is out. We had muscles every day!

Most popular were the curried muscles:
Steam the muscles in their own water till they open, shell them and dip them in beaten egg and then flour. On a hot skillet fry up some garlic and tikka paste in oil and then quickly pan fry the mussles. Serve with lemon wedges.
We also had them in the shell with:
Sauteed onion, garlic, white wine and fresh parsley with home made beer bread; and
I made a Thai Tom Yum soup, best to buy a good paste, add it to some sauteed red onion, top with chopped fresh coriander and serve with basmati rice.

Catering menus: Cocktail snacks


1. Butternut risotto balls stuffed with blue cheese.

2. Thai chicken skewers drizzled with peanut sauce and freshly chopped coriander.

3. Teriyaki style beef skewers.

4. Juicy prawn tails served with a dill mayonnaise.

5. Mini caprese salads of bocconcini mozarella, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and pesto.

6. Mini tarts with blue cheese, roasted walnuts and caramelised onion.

7. Mini filo quiche: Mushroom, caramelised onion and parmesan.

8. Mini beef fillet rolls with caramelised onion, aioli and seasonal leaves.

9. Grilled thinly sliced aubergine rolled with a herbed cream cheese and flaked almonds.

10. Vegetable spring rolls served with a ginger, lemon grass and soy dipping sauce.

11. Mini pita bread stuffed with a home made hummus, roasted chickpeas and fresh rocket.

12. Ribbons of smoked salmon trout served on mini savoury pancakes with cream cheese, fresh dill and cracked black pepper.

13. Mini Asian fish cakes with a tangy dipping sauce.

14. Mini pies: Roast chicken and mushroom; Beef and onion; Lamb curry; or vegetarian chickpea and butternut.

15. Bruschetta topped with a variety of meats, cheeses, chutneys, pesto and seasonal leaves.

16. Mini chicken drummets marinated and grilled on the fire.

17. Cucumber ribbons wraped around marinated bocconcinni mozzarella and skewered.

18. Home made flat bread topped with smoked springbok carpaccio, rocket, grilled bringal and a balsamic reduction.

19. Short crust pastry tart with roast butternut, caramelised onion, crispy sage and parma ham.

20. Sweet onion and potato fritatas.

21. Home made ginger biscuits with goats cheese and caramelised fig.

22. Blue cheese pannacotta topped with honey roasted pear and nuts.

23. Short crust pastry tart with a goats cheese cream and caramelised fruit topping.

Floating dinner:

1. Mini bowls of Thai green curry: Fish; beef, vegetarian or chicken with basmati rice.

2. Mini bowls of Indian lamb or beef curry served with basmati rice and a mini popodum.

3. Mini bowls of pasta bows with a creamy butternut sauce topped with crispy sage and parma ham (optional).

4. Mini bowls of flavoured mash with cocktail sausages.

5. Mini pot pies: Roast chicken and mushroom.

Prices on request.

Chocolate ganache cake

Last week I made this chocolate ganache cake for Kim’s birthday. It’s a rich, dense cake that lasts longer than most cakes.

Set oven at 180, grease and line 25 cm cake tin.
250g butter
200g dark chocolate
375ml strong coffee
450g castor sugar
175g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
3 tbls cocoa powder
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract

Melt butter, chocolate, coffee and sugar on low heat till dissolved. Whisk in sifted dry ingredients, add eggs and vanilla, whisk to combine. Pour into tin and bake for one hour, remove and leave to cool in tin.

Cover with chocolate ganache:
300g dark chocolate
1 cup cream
Heat cream and add chocolate, stir till melted.